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99% of Businesses fail during their first 5 years

Owners cannot leave their businesses

  • They do not have a consistent sales system
  • More growth means more problems
  • They do not have a solid team
  • Their revenue is very small
  • They micromanage
  • Sales & marketing are two strange words

Owner to CEO


Get access to trainings, pdfs, business plan, templates, support and a community of like minded owners. 

What Our Customers Say

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Reynel Sanchez

"Ana knows what she's talking about. I've had experience trying to market myself and my business, and I've made the mistakes that she identified immediately. So, I know she's been there and really knows from experience."

Steve Ladner

"Ana And her team are very professional and experienced I look forward to having a long-term Strategic partnership with them for the future"

Bryan Swetmon

"Ana is quite impressive, and undoubtedly, one of the most insightful and caring people that I've encountered in quite a while."

Lou Milrad

Simplify your business

Increase your revenue 

Learn, and get advice from the best consultants.

Benefits of Sales Consulting

Design a plan with realistic goals

Improve processes

Optimize operating and service costs

Functional teams

Drive business growth

Focus on Core Business

Cost Effective

Obtain Experience and ability

Our Products


Marketing Software

Automate your entire marketing and lead generation



Marketing & Sales Project

Custom made marketing, sales and lead generation 



Brand & Management Project 

Premium plan that includes a new branding project, growth strategies, daily new content and more personalized strategies.


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